Love without attachment

The morning after meeting Renata, I took her to my favourite restaurant in Ubud, Sweet Orange, for breakfast. Then Renata, Jeroen, and I packed up our things at Puji Hostel in Ubud and hopped in a taxi (150,000 Rp) to Kintanami to connect with Harry from CouchSurfing.


When we arrived, Harry took us to his family’s coffee plantation, Bhuana Asri, where we got a tour and a taste of all the coffees and teas they make – they were all delicious!

I even tasted the best (and most expensive) coffee in the world, Luwak Coffee!

After getting wired on all the caffeine and ginseng, we dropped our bags off at Harry’s family hotel and went to eat at a restaurant across the street with a beautiful view of Mount Batur. The restaurant had a grilled fish special (Mujair) which was super tasty.

Oh, also, eating with your hands is definitely a thing here, and I like it. However, social conditioning (and being slightly OCD about getting dirty) has made it a difficult thing for me to get into.

Anyways, after eating we decided to go to the hot springs nearby which was SO relaxing! The infinity style pool by the lake was beautiful and the water falling down on us was like a massage. Heavenly.

That night we went to bed early so that we could get up at 3am for our hike up Mount Batur to watch the sunrise. It was easier than I was expecting to get up that early. The first half of the hike was not too difficult, however the second half was much steeper and I had to stop more frequently. Breakfast was part of the trekking package and was given to us at the top, however I think some coffee and a light snack would’ve been good fuel for my body before the hike. Taking note for the future!


Once we got to the top, with the help of our awesome and patient guide, it was totally worth it! The sunrise was beautiful and on the way down we got to feel the heat from the steam of the volcano and saw monkeys!

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all ready for a nap. We rested for an hour before packing up our things and heading back to Ubud, making a stop along the way at the biggest temple in Bali, Besakih Temple.


Our guide at the Besakih Temple was very sweet and took me into the temple to pray. Since women who are menstrating are not allowed inside, Renata had to wait outside.

The prayer was very cool. There was an offering placed in front of each of us consisting of green leaves for cleaning, red flowers to represent Brahma (God of Creation), yellow flowers to represent Shiva (God of Destruction), and purple flowers to represent Vishnu (God of Protection), and a burning inscence stick. We started by rubbing green leaves between our hands to clean them, then we took some red flowers, bathed them in the inscence smoke, put them between our hands and prayed to Brahma, before placing the flowers behind our right ear. Next we repeated the process with the yellow flowers, this time praying to Shiva and placing them behind our left ear. And for the last time with the purple flowers, praying to Vishnu and placing the flowers on top of our head. Then a woman came over with what tasted like water with some sort of flower essence in it, splashed a bit on us, and then we cupped our hands and she poured a small amount in our hands which we drank 3 times in a row, and the fourth cupping of water we rubbed on our heads. Once that was complete, the woman pressed some wet, uncooked rice on our foreheads, between our brows. It was at this point he said people will give an offering to the temple. Though he tried to get me to give more, at the same time as telling me to give whatever makes me happy, I opted for just $33 USD so I didn’t have to use up my Rupiah since I’m probably spending enough on ATM fees already.


The whole process was really very cool and I was happy to be a part of it. And despite feeling slightly pressured to contribute more, I was happy to be able to donate to the temple.


When we got back to Ubud, we tried to get into a hostel with more comfortable beds, however they were fully booked for the night so we ended up back at the one we were in before we left, Puji.

Renata and Jeroen took a nap and I met up with someome from CouchSurfing, Viqi, who took me to see some rice fields, and to get a drink and watch the sunset at Sari Organic. Then we met Renata and a couple of Viqi’s friend’s for dinner at Dewa Warung, a cheap Indonesian restaurant. Once they all start speaking Indonesian though, I start to get bored pretty quickly so I opted to leave a bit early with Renata.

The next morning Renata and I rented a motor bike for the day and went to Sweet Orange for breakfast and the most amazing massage! They had an adorable new little kitten there as well. What a great way to start the day.

After our massage we switched hostels from Puji to Wanderlust which was the best move. It’s much quieter and the beds are way more comfortable.

After getting settled in, the 3 of us went to check out a waterfall nearby, which was brown because it has been raining, though it was still beautiful.

On the way back we decided to check out Museum Blanco, however it was closed, so I suggested taking them to the place Viqi took me to watch the sunset. Getting there ended up being an adventure and we never did find it before it started pouring rain. We got super-soaked on our scooters hahaha!

That evening we ended up having a couple beers at XL Shisha Lounge, where there was an Indonesian band playing classic rock music, which was super cool. Renata is more into top 40’s music, but I loved it!

The next day (yesterday) we were planning to go to Legian to party, however I woke up with a terrible cough and was starting to feel like I needed some alone time. I went for breakfast alone at the Black Pearl across the street to contemplate what I wanted to do.

While at breakfast I met a lovely lady from the UK and we had a great conversation. I realized that while I really love making new friends, I don’t want to end up hanging out with the same people every day throughout my entire trip. I was really feeling the reflection of my own attachment. It was time to reclaim my independence and get lined back up on my path.

A little side note synchronicity; the night before, someone had forgotten a copy of Sacred Contracts (the book I’ve been reading) at the place we went to eat. Since no one came to get it by the time we left, I snatched it up to pass along to someone who I thought might enjoy/benefit from it, which just so happened to be my new friend, Sarah!

After talking with Sarah, I came to the conclusion that I was definitely was not up for moving places again, let alone partying all night, so I opted to stay in Ubud. So I found the balls to tell Jeroen and Renata, without allowing their reactions to pull me into giving up my needs and desires for their comfort and happiness. Jeroen decided to stay as well, and though Renata wanted to leave, the shuttle bus ended up being full so she stayed another night as well.

I spent the first part of the day resting in bed and then went for lunch and a nice walk… alone. I had a great date with myself. I ended up finding a natural foods store and a grocery store, where I picked up some staples in my life that I had been missing, like chia seeds, kombucha, dark chocolate, and powdered greens. Happy Kat! 😸

When I got back to the hostel, Renata said she wanted a facial and I wanted a pedicure so we decided to go to the spa before meeting up with a new friend of hers, Andraz, to go for a drink.

On our quest for a place with music, it started pouring rain, so we jumped into the first place we could find, called Oops! Haha! The music was good, however it was a little too sleepy so after one beer and the rain slowing down a bit, we opted to move on.


Our next stop was at XL Shisha Lounge, where we were the night before, however there was a different band playing which was also very chilled out so once again, we had one beer and moved on to CP Lounge. There was a reggae band playing there which was super cool!

Now it’s the next day and I’ve paid for another night at Wanderlust. Renata is leaving to go to Legian in 15 minutes. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stay in Ubud, however I am looking forward to some more alone time to recharge my batteries, do some yoga, and maybe do a little shopping since the stores here look so cool.

I realized I forgot to continue checking in with 5 things that describe my Love now, so here it is:







Here’s to Love without attachment and strengthening the most important relationship I will ever have in life.. my relationship with myself!


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