Keep moving forward


After spending the night under the stars, on a beach next to the Yuba River, Nevada City was starting to get really comfortable. So, as beautiful as it was, I was glad to leave. As Siddharth said, it would be easy to get stuck there. I am getting in the groove of being on the move and I like it.


Sundar picked me up and we headed to Sierra Hot Springs for the night. The vibes were chill and the people were cool. I find it so freeing to be naked and the pools were clothing optional so I felt right at home.

Sundar taught me Watsu and WaterDance which was a beautiful experience. The first time he did it, I just felt cloaked in so much Love. I thought maybe, because it can bring you back to memories of being the womb, I was feeling the immense amount of Love my beautiful mother sent to me as I was growing inside her belly. It might bring her comfort to know she did the right thing by leaving my father so that, energetically, I would not be burdened with negativity in one of the most crucial stages of my development.

The second time, I knew what to expect so I was able to surrender more deeply to the experience. There were times when I felt like a baby in a mother’s womb and it gave me a new appreciation for the creation of life. Then there were times when I felt like a snake (which also happens to be my Chinese astrological sign) slithering through the water, a beautiful, independent, and misunderstood creature. And then there was a time when I felt like a mermaid, beautiful, elusive, untamed, sensual, and feminine.

Overall, it was a freeing experience to be able to let go and just flow through the water. In the past I have had a slight aversion to water, not being a strong swimmer. I also feel it may have something to do with the fact that I liked to keep my emotions at an arms length and the element of water is one of feeling emotions.


Yesterday I spent the day in downtown Berkeley, where I met a beautiful soul who lives in a tent. Definitely one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, having been a marine, able to speak 11 languages, skilled in martial arts, with spiritual and intellectual wisdom I can only hope to one day embody. We connected on a deep level as he told me that I am an indigo child, a healer, from Pleiades. He paid his friend $5 to use his guitar for a while and sernaded me in the park. He played and sang many songs, some he wrote and some he loved, that told stories of his life. Two that truely touched me were the one he wrote for his daughter, and the one for his fiancee who shot herself only 3 years ago. I could feel the pain in his heart as he told me he was okay, when I knew he was not. He forgot that I can see right through people’s bullshit.

Though I appreciated his insights and was grateful for the time we spent together, I had put out a lot of energy being around people for the last couple weeks and needed to take some time to replenish and take care of myself so I said farewell and went for a delicious organic burrito at Razan’s.

When Sundar was finished his herbology class, we went to Amma’s temple for Navaratri celebrations.

Next stop San Jose, then to Lupin Lodge in Los Gatos to assist at ISTA SSSEx.

Inertia keeps me going…


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