Letting go

Integrating back into city life after the California Tantra Festival has been interesting. Many things have become very clear.

Overall the experience was one of both awesomeness and shittiness, but all the emotions I went through during the festival, good and not so good, have helped me grow exponentially.

I have learned the value in looking at myself and others with a clean slate in any given moment because things are always changing. I am not the same person I was yesterday. This is another lesson in presence; to not project who someone was yesterday onto who they are today.

Letting go of labels, assumptions, and expectations is fundamental to transcending the ego. I am not my name, my age, my job title, my hobbies, or my kinks; I am the me, the consciousness, that is beneath all the labels. And the connections I share with others are not what we do together, the names we give each other, or how we define the way in which we relate; they are the depth and connection, their own entities, that are there regardless of any label or definition anyone wants to put on them.

Though I had some painful moments during the festival, I also had some beautiful moments filled with love, sensuality, and openness. And I know that even the pain is good because it leads to growth and the expansion of love and pleasure.

Life is a paradox; we must experience pain in order to know pleasure.

I am currently in L.A., staying with a friend I met at the Tantra Festival. I managed to find a ride to Symbiosis tomorrow so I have purchased a ticket with early entry.

Living life without any attachments or expectations is becoming more comfortable and extremely freeing. Rather than my safety and security being dependent on other people or things, I am writing my own story as it unfolds.

La la la la la la life is wonderful ❤

Here’s to letting go…


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